Wednesday, 9 September 2015

OptoFresh Eye Wash Drops Review

I was never a fan of in general putting anything in my eyes, I always felt it would do them damage in the long run until one day I tried eye wash drops and they really were amazing. I was carrying log wood one day because here in Greece for the heating we have a system that heats up the radiators using wood. The whole family tends to help out when it comes to carrying it and putting it in a row as it is quite a lot of wood. That day was very windy and all the wood dust seem to be going in to my eyes to a point I wore sunglasses to stop it. Afterwards my eyes felt like they had dust in and almost felt like they were stinging so my aunt gave us these eye wash drops. They worked wonders! My whole eye stung and then it stopped and everything was back to normal and ever since then I try to clean my eyes every now and then.

I usually buy these OptoFresh eye wash drops that contain chamomile, hamamelis and euphrasia distillate water. The packet contains 10 sterile single use 0.5ml vials and usually 1 vial is enough for both eyes. I buy this packet for roughly 5.00EU from my favourite pharmacy, Smile Pharmacy. In order to clean your eyes, I will suggest that you have a small face towel and that you are not wearing any makeup. Either do it yourself in the mirror or get someone to slowly drop by drop water in your eyes covering the whole eye. When you close your eye lid they will come out like tears which is the part that you will need to wipe the tears away with a face towel. If you feel stinging it means they are quite dirty (this could be from pollution, dust, environment and anything else dirt) and just keep dropping water till the stings disappears. If there is no sensation it means that they are pretty clean so just stick to doing it every now and then. These drops can be used on children and of course men who tend to work in more difficult environments.

Are these safe to use? I actually asked an optician about using water drops and this guy was a family friend so he told me the truth. He said that they are actually really good and will not cause damage to your eyes in the long run. So go ahead and buy a packet and let me know your thoughts on these.
Quick Tip: If you have a dog/cat you can actually use these drops on them also especially for pets that their eyes are further out than usual since they collect more dust and hairs.


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  1. i love to wear these drops too. my eyes ger really fast dried out when i am using contact lenses