Wednesday, 16 September 2015

S 'N' B Nail Spa Review

S 'N' B products stand for Safe and Beautiful, they are formulated in France and manufactured in Greece. They are from the same brand Snails that I had mentioned in my previous post however they are aimed at adults. The products I was sent below are part of a 4 step program for your nails - think of it like a facial. I was sent a Serum Oil, Anti Aging Gold Elixir, Growth Magic and Anti-Aging Scrub. All four come in beautiful packaged boxes that have all the information you could possibly need on the outside and on the inside of the tab you will find the ingredients and a leaflet tightly packed. The bottles each contain 8ml product and are tall nail varnish bottles with long brushes which actually work much better.

To begin with I used the scrub an placed it on all of my nails and gently massaged it and the washed it off. It smells like perfume and the scrub really left my nails feeling smooth afterwards. The next step I applied the Anti-aging Gold Elixir and and once again massaged this into my nails, what may appear to be glitter is not its just gold particles that will disappear after you have applied it to your nail. I then applied the Seum Oil which had to have been one of my favourite because it smelt of citrus and guess what this does not just moisturize your nails but it will also help your feet smell slightly nicer. Finally I added the Growth Magic varnish which I expected to be like a nail varnish but its not. You actually apply it and are recommended to massage it onto your nail. This all did very quickly dry up and I felt like afterwards my nails felt a lot smoother and moisturized.

I think these products are fantastic and thanks to their aroma and results they do really resemble a treatment you would get at a spa. What I also love about these products is that they are animal cruelty free. There is much more to this range as you can see from the picture below. Please check out their Facebook page HERE and get in touch if you would like to find out more about where you can buy these products and their prices.


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