Monday, 14 September 2015

Snails Nail Polish Designed Especially for Kids.

If you have been following me since years ago, you will remember that I have reviewed some of Snails nail polish products before. I was really excited to get another chance to review them again and see how much the brand has evolved. For anyone who does not know the brand, the brand was especially designed for children. A new brand that would create friendly nail polish that children would only need water to wash it off. My sister is 22 and has autism so I always try to paint her nails and she usually lets me paint them and then straight away goes and removes it because for some reason she does not like it on her nails. This nail polish is perfect for her because all she would need to do is wash her hands and no nail polish.

I was sent three different nail polishes to try out and show you how trendy they really can be. The first one is called baby pink and has that pink shimmer  style that most girls would love. The other nail polish is called raspberry pie and is purple with shimmer, a very autumn/winter trendy colour. The final colour is called natural top coat which even though it looks white it actually applies like a see through colour. The nail polish instructions are to apply two top coats and allow it to dry. These are also eco friendly and have a very discreet smell. Check out the swatches in the photographs. 
The nail polish that washes off and has been designed for children! #snails #snailsnails #children #safenailpolish #beautyblogger #ukblogger #greekblogger #glittermeup
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After trying out them out I have to say the purple was my favourite, how lovely does that look. Very trendy for a little girl. The top coat I would recommend using it as a base coat because it gave this milky appearance when applied on top of the colour and it ruined the pigmentation. In the photographs that you can see, I have labelled each polish and also kept one nail plain so you can compare. The natural top coat is a great nail polish in my opinion on its own to give a bit of shine or for your child to wear to school. The washing off part as you can see in the video is so easy. I didn't cut the video up because it took ages but just so I did not bore you with me taking it off. I took me about 10-15 seconds in total, amazing right? The packaging has improved since last time I had used it - the bottles are bigger and contain little cute bows on that are similar to the nail colour. I absolutely adore this idea of safe nail polish for children and if you have not already tried it out, you should.