Sunday, 4 October 2015

Jack Wills Lip Balms Review

Finally writing from the UK, it feels weird to be back but also great. Last night some friends came round the house and gave me a Jack Wills Lip Balm set. Little did they know that, through the whole trip we did in order to bring my dog to the UK, my skin was terribly dehydrated and so were my lips. When I received these lip balms I was over the moon since the boxes with my clothes and cosmetics still have not arrived. To get back to the review, the lip balms came in a pack of three tubs that were very Jack Willis themed and had three different scents. Rose, Vanilla and Berry. I have opened up the Rose tub to begin with and it has a lovely pink tint to it that appears slightly on your lips. Berry also has a pink tint and Vanilla has a white tint.

The great things about these lip balms are that even though they have colour they do not go on with colour. They have a very little tint to them and it is just enough to make your lips looks alive, moisturised and great. Last night my lips were chapped and in pain and I placed some of this lip balm on my lips and today that I have woken up they feel nearly back to normal. So, this lip balm does not just have the brand, or the cute packaging - it does actually work and you will love it. This was bought from a Boots store so check it out there. It is a great easy present to buy for a woman or even kid who loves their lip balms.


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