Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Naked Skin Beauty Balm Review

I was sent this brand new beauty balm that has been made by Urban Decay to try out and write my opinion on. The shade I have received it in is medium which seems to match my olive skin tone perfectly. This product is sold out on a lot of websites if you google it, so that must definitely mean something positive. The whole idea of this beauty balm is that it helps makes your skin look better by minimising pores, the appearance of wrinkles and redness. It is not a cream, I would look at it like a primer/tint. I have actually been wearing it on its own because I have gone off the full heavy foundation look and I think the new fashion is to keep your skin looking fresh and naturally perfect rather than cakey. This balm is quite light and does not provide coverage so what I would recommend is that if you do want the coverage instead of opting for foundation afterwards just top it up with concealer.

Now lets move on to the review. The packaging is very Naked themed like the rest of their line and it is waterproof. There is 35ml product in the package and you do only need a little bit on each part of your face and of course with it being so light make sure that you blend it in well and in daylight so there are no patches. I like this product for everyday use and how it allows me to still add more makeup to it if I want that kind of look. My face did feel hydrated and it did make my skin appear better than usual. The other great thing about this product is that it contains SPF20 and due to its hydrating properties it promises over time to actually improve the hydration of your skin, the elasticity and wrinkles. I would recommend that you go to your local Urban Decay counter and get the makeup artist to try it on your skin or swatch it yourself on your skin so you can get a feel what this product really is all about. I absolutely love this and it is exactly the kind of face product I am looking for because it helps me achieve the fresh, healthy skin I am always aiming to have.


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