Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Ren Clean Skincare Samples

I was in Tesco the other day and I noticed that the magazines in the UK seem to be finally giving away some free stuff because it never used to be this way when I used to live here. This one good thing Greece and its magazines have, lots and lots of free stuff. Anyway, I found this Instyle magazine 2.50GBP Tesco only exclusive that also had with it some free Ren Clean Skincare samples. Included in the samples is a night care cream, a day time cream and an eye cream. It actually worked out well because my boxes from Greece have not arrived yet so I have been using these samples which have actually been really nice.

When I had arrived my skin was really broke out from the stress and dehydration of travelling for two days. So this vitamin enriched day cream really helped my skin come back to life almost and it smells like quite like a herbal cream would and even though the cream may look slightly thick its actually easily absorbed on your face. The eye gel I felt really did make my eyes look more awakened and less fatigued. It was a beautiful gel textured product that only needed a little bit. The night cream I applied before going to sleep and it was a thicker texture however it is easily absorbed and it left my skin soft and repaired every morning when I woke up. Overall I am really pleased with these samples and would definitely be happy to buy these products full size.


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