Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Ila Skincare Gold Cellular Review

A luxurious skincare review I have for you guys today! I was sent a skincare set by Ila which is for older skin and that is why I gave it to my mam to review. The skincare line claims to age restore your skin using gold as one of its ingredients.

Gold Cellular Age Restore Face Serum

My mother found the packaging quite normal and not that exciting considering it is a high cost spa product. Its plain and simple and quite heavy also. The serum has a herbal smell to it which my mother found lovely however it is a natural smell which some people may not like but she happens to like. The serum absorbs easily into the skin and leaves a lovely texture and a firming sensation. This product feels like it does firm your skin and it does not leave a slimey residue on your skin. No peel off either! Would only recommend for an ageing skin not for any younger. The results that are given are no different to a lower priced serum, she did feel like it is overpriced for the results given.

Gold Cellular Age Restore Face Cream

The packaging was only a sample so we can not really comment on that part. The texture of the cream is like a thick mousse which is why my mother said it would be best as a night cream because its probably something that would not sit well underneath makeup. The cream once applied to face is absorbed immediately and then leaves a balm kind of feeling. You can feel you have something on your skin whilst wearing this however it does feel moisturised. There is once again no roll off, probably better for a dry skin only.

Gold Cellular Age Restore Cleanser

The packaging once again was only a sample so we can not comment on this. The texture of the cleanser was a liquid but when placed on the skin it felt like a balm. My mother used this with her muslin cloth to cleanse her face and left her skin feeling clean with no residue left. She was overall pleased with this product especially the texture and the aroma. Would buy this product.

Gold Cellular Age Restore Toner

Again the packaging was a sample so can not comment on that too much. Applied the toner to her face with a cotton pad and wiped all over her face. She felt that the product did slightly tingle however this soon went away. Her skin felt really clean and it smells nice. You do feel afterwards that you need to put cream on the aim of the cleanser and toner feels like it is more to clean rather than hydrate also.


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