Sunday, 29 November 2015

Multi-Purpose Skin Nurturing Balm by Philosophy Review

My mam got this balm of QVC once again and I was looking for a night cream that I could wear and my mam gave me this to try and use. Its by Philosophy which is a brand that approaches personal care from a skincare point of view. I absolutely adore the packaging they have on their products and a lot of high street brands have copied their design. (You will know what I mean once you see it.)

This has a very easy package for this balm, its basically just squeeze to get the product out great for you people who like to cut the packaging to ensure you get every last drop out. There are instructions on the back as to how to apply it and the ingredients and three facts about this balm. On the front of the packaging is the philosophy moto line and the name of the product. The only reason I am telling you this is as I know it will seem like there is a lot of writing on it and you may be wondering what it is all about.

The balm is white and it has the same consistency as Vaseline. The texture is exactly the same and it probably pretty much is the same thing as that which makes me wonder if Vaseline could also be used as a cheaper night balm. You can apply this to wet or dry skin, I applied it once I came out of my night shower before I went to sleep. It does feel quite thick whilst its sinking in so I would put a little bit and gradually add to it depending on how thick you want it to go on. I would also give it a minute before you sleep so it does not go all over your pillow. My face did feel nice in the morning however it did not feel as soft as the Egyptian Balm that is my favourite night balm. I would use it again, I just would not buy it. It does do its job but there are better products out there for you to try I would say.


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