Friday, 6 November 2015

Santhilea Magnetic Mascara Review

I have never been the kind of girl to wear fake eyelashes because in my opinion, they wreck your lashes and then they make your eyes look awful once you take them off or have them on if you have not glued them on well.  When I saw this mascara on the internet I could not resist to buy it since there were some pretty good reviews for it. It costs roughly 24.00GBP and it comes in a box with two mascaras. One of the mascaras is basically a mascara/primer and the second mascara is the false lashes that stick on to yours.

The magnetic mascara asks that you apply a coat of it and then move on to the lash builder. I usually apply several coats to get my lashes how I want them (as I would a normal mascara) and then I apply the Lash builder which has the fake hair that stick onto yours. The trick with the Lash builder is to aim  for the ends of your lashes so they have a longer length and if you feel you need thicker lashes then keep applying to all of the lash. I know it sounds complicated but you will see what I mean once you have it. Then you apply the Magnetic Mascara to lock everything in again. My advice for you is to apply lots because if you don't your fake lashes will start dropping under your eye or even in your eye and it will look like you have dark circles or eyeliner smudged underneath your eye.

The first time I applied this my experience was terrible however the second time and onwards everything was fine because I made sure to use more of the Magnetic Mascara to prime and seal my look. I would not say there is an obvious change to your lashes, it is a discreet slightly longer look that people won't even notice. Maybe its a case of applying lots more Lash Builder to get them huge however I would say mine were lengthy enough to still look natural, which I preferred. In my opinion overall this mascara will not make your lashes like false lashes but instead long and natural looking. I would buy this again however I am still interested to try similar companies and compare them.


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