Friday, 18 December 2015

A Guide to Periods - Tips and Tricks

A weird topic that some of us speak about openly and others don't. The truth is we should all be able to speak about it openly and share advise and tips or even just ''that also happens to me'' can be so comforting. I have a few tips and tricks that I thought I should share with you to see if they do help you out next month.


Actually going to the toilet to do the whole business whilst you are at work or at someone's else's house can be horrifying however I have found ways of working around it so that everything is left clean and that it is a smooth and easy process. You can buy some nappy bags that are scented, I always carry them around so instead of just throwing a sanitary towel on its own or a tampon in the bin, I make sure I place it in a nappy bag and then put it in the bin. Why? Because lets be honest sometimes they can cause a stench - most nappy bags have aromas on them. Its also a great way for someone else using the bin to not have to come across it. I am not saying this because I feel it should not be shown but so that it is all neat, tidy and pleasant. Before placing the sanitary towel or tampon in the nappy bag, I always wrap it in toilet paper. It helps stop the blood or any other yuckiness showing through and again it keeps everything neat. If you do want to keep things fresh down there then use some baby wipes (which are cheaper) or some feminine wipes. Its quick and easy and great for when you are on the go. Of course don't forget to wash your hands.

At Home

You should shower daily to keep everything fresh and clean - it will also make you feel great about yourself. Take some pain relief pills to help ease the cramps if you want a more herbal resolution then go for supplements such as spirulina. Try not to do as much as you usually would if possible and just stay warm whether that means hiding under a blanket or sticking that dressing gown with a hot water bottle.

At Work

For all you busy bees who are like me, you will know that work and period combined is a dreadful experience. The fact that there is no comfort makes things even more worse. I do suggest speaking with your manager or the person in charge that day to give them a heads up that today you might not be as comfortable or you may have to run to the toilet a couple more times. Honestly they will understand so don't be scared to ask. My best advise for you is to keep going to the toilet for frequent changes or just to put your mind at peace that no accident has happened. Use the toilet method I talked about above and take some pain relief. Keep your body hydrated and as comfortable as you can and of course don't be shy to talk about it if you need too.


It does help funnily enough. It helps release endorphins and you will feel better about yourself. Try to do some small stretches or massage your stomach with some cream. Exercise is supposed to help get rid of cramps also however I don't know if that is something everyones body would respond too. Getting up doing things does help and my job does combine exercise so it does help not make me think about it. The first two days are always a pain for me after that the ride tends to be smoother and much easier.

Feeling Comfortable

If for some reason you feel like an accident will happen then just make sure you are prepared for it and I am certain just doing that will ease your mind. Take a change of underwear with you - if you do have to change then put the underwear you are changing in the nappy bag until you get home. It will keep things tidy and hygienic in your bag. Obviously bring some spare sanitary towels or tampons with you. If you have a heavy period then wear a tampon and place a sanitary towel also so if the tampon does get full you don't have to worry about it because you have a back up plan. (Of course go to the toilet as often as you can and change.) Have some pain relief available and relax.

Hope this guide has helped you out girls. Any questions let me know.


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