Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas Gifts for Him 2015

I know how hard it can be to buy for men and this is why I have created a guide especially for this purpose. The one thing to think about when buying gifts is what their hobby is and base your selection on that. What is his favourite brand? What does he use on a daily basis that he would appreciate it if you bought him? What has he been wishing he had?! Men are super weird though they either like something or don't so make sure you do keep the receipt so that you can return it if needed. Right so lets begin...

Playstation/XBOX Game Console

If he likes his gaming then he is bound to love this option however what do you get him? If he is the kind of guy that has it all and buys it all when he can then opt for a gift card. He can then use that to redeem online games or buy add ons for games he is currently playing. If he is the kind of person who doesn't buy games a lot then try buying him a game he has been going on about in a special edition form if you want to splurge that money or the game on its own. You can also buy books to accompany games they are usually called strategy guides.


Most men would not mind a jumper, in fact you can't really go wrong with it. I am sure you know his favourite brand or you can tell because he always goes on about it or wears it. All you need to do is look at the style and opt for something similar you can also see what size he wears if you don't know by raiding his wardrobe.


Super easy gift that most men are pleased with... AS LONG AS THEY LIKE THE SMELL. Be sly about, come home and say that they were giving out free smell swatches ask them to have a smell of them and see what they say. I would always opt for Dior, Hugo Boss or Armani. Most popular and you can't really go wrong with them.


Most men love football so go hunting on Ebay and get something from his favourite team. Whether that is a historical piece of memorabilia or a ticket for that match he wants to go at, then just go for it.

I hope my quick and easy guide has helped you out a little bit. Wish you the best of luck, let the hun BEGIN!


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