Wednesday, 16 December 2015

MICHAEL Michael Kors Festive Footwear

Before the job I currently have now I was working in a designer shop selling Michael Kors products. I know they are immensely popular at this time and the handbags were especially. I wanted to show you today some lovely, glamorous MICHAEL Michael Kors shoes that are perfect for the festive season. It is not too late to treat yourself to a pair of shoes or ask Santa for some.

Wear with some black patent leggings and some red lipstick to look like a doll!

Wear with a lovely A-line dress and keep things elegant and simple. 

Make sure your legs stay warm this winter in these sexy high heel knee boots. 

Stay trendy and go for this open cut ankle boot. Its a great way to show off that pedicure with some sheer skin tights. 

Which one did you prefer? My favourite has to be the red ankle boots - how drop dead gorgeous are they? For more For more shoes check out   . 



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