Sunday, 27 December 2015

The Aftermath of Christmas

Sorry I never got a chance to post many posts leading up to Christmas. I really am so busy with work that I don't manage to have enough time to blog. Its amazing how people get so stressed over Christmas instead of enjoying the before part of shopping for gifts. I really felt the stress from the people this year and it made me feel like Christmas wasn't really here and it wasn't planning on coming soon. A lot of people told me they felt exactly the same but hey ho - now its over and the worst part is trying to get yourself back in your work routine and at the same time think of some resolutions for new year. (Post will be coming soon, I pwomise.)

If you are hitting the sales which I did today you will find some shops disappointing and others great. The key thing to keep in mind is shop only what you need otherwise thats when sales get the best of you and that is how they make profit. Next's sale was a bit naff to be honest with you. Yes, it did have a lot of things quite cheap but Marks and Spencers/ New Looks was much better with much better quality garments. I bought myself a lovely poncho from New Look and some underwear from Marks and Spencers. I will be having a better look on the internet tonight because its less stress and Ii have more possibilities of finding sizes.

If you are very organised I would recommend buying your Christmas cards and wrapping paper for next year, now in the sales. Some people even buy their Christmas presents now for next year. Crazy right? But at least they don't have the stress of it next year. If there was a gift you received and felt that you didn't like try telling that person in a nice way or try seeing if you can return it. Some companies have quite a flexible return policy. I hope you all enjoyed the festive holidays and most importantly had a lovely rest - NOW get shopping.


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