Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Urban Decay Smoky Naked Palette Review

I was so excited when I received this of Urban Decay as I knew this would be superb quality without a doubt. I have got other Urban Decay items from their Naked range and they still have not disappointed me. I am in the best position to let you know that this did not fail to impress me either. As a person who does do smoky eye looks this is something that is useful for me and handy. Now the great thing is that it is not just your usual deep grey and black colours. There are other colour looks you can create with colours such as gold, silver, brown and even champagne.

with light 

no light

The packaging only gets better with every new palette Urban Decay releases I have noticed. This time it is fully waterproof and the brush you are given is a blender brush which comes in handy for blending both smoky colours together and a short liner like brush for targeting smaller areas such as the corners of your eyes or underneath your eyes to kind of line your eyes.

You can still use this palette for everyday looks because it does have a peach colour and a cream one which both work great on their own or blended together. The mirror I found to be big enough for me to use it for putting the make up on my whole face. Do the shadows crease? I have found that they don't but it also depends on your skin type. Sometimes people think it just clearly has to do with the quality of the shadows but that is in fact false. If you have oily lids then colour is going to budge which is why it is handy to use eye primer to help control your skins natural reaction. I don't wear primer with these shadows and I am very pleased with them. The eye shadow brush, especially the blending end of it is amazing! It really does blend well and I would really like to invest in some more brushes over the next couple of months by Urban Decay. The quality of them really is superb. The hairs on the brush work well with picking make up up and putting it on your face at that specific area.

My favourite colour combinations have to be slanted and dagger with a little bit of black market. 

Combust on its own is great for everyday and really helps give your eyes that pick me up without too much effort.

Thirteen and high are great for highlighting inner corners of your eyes or brow bones.

Do you have an Urban Decay pale tte, if so what is your favourite?


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