Tuesday, 5 January 2016

D&G Pick Of The Day

With this Boot of the day you are guaranteed to make a fashion statement and be right on trend. This wedged boot will more than likely guarantee comfortable fitting and long wear. Wedges have always been known to be more comfortable in comparison to heels. The wedge is 12.5cm and the height of the boot is 39.0cm. Some people would wear this kind of boot every day, I would however wear this on a night since I am already tall it would look too over top if I wore this during day time.

Guaranteed to achieve a slimmer, longer leg effect on your legs. The tall length of these and the colour of them really helps this out. 

The sole has a great grip as you can see. No more slipping and falling!

These are currently on offer on www.spartoo.gr from  579.00EU  to 463.20EU. Don't miss out on D&G's trendiest trendiest boot this season.


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