Thursday, 7 January 2016

Extreme Couponing - 6 Free Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection for Kids

A new chapter has begun for Glittermeup. As well as the usual beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs, I will now be also writing about extreme couponing whenever a bargain does arise. I have been wanting to get into couponing for ages however in Greece there wasn't any good enough offers in order to do so. Now that I am in the UK it is much easier to find good offers (not as great as the USA but hey we will cope) and to actually attempt to start this whole extreme couponing craze. I just wan't to make clear that everything I will be talking about over the next blogs I will make sure I have a good home for them and not just dump them and let them go out of date.

Now lets get started. If you download the app Checkout Smart for your mobile phone, you can through that claim the offer for the Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection for Kids because Tesco currently has that offer on for 1.00GBP each and Checkout Smart will contribute 1.00GBP towards that sale - you are basically getting it for free. Now the other good news is that you can claim this offer 6 times max. So I bought 6 toothpastes as you can see and have received my 6.00GBP of Checkout Smart. You could probably claim 12 free IF you have it downloaded on a different phone with a different user and on a separate receipt. For now 6 will do me however! Enjoy the freebie!!!


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