Monday, 18 January 2016

Trainers for Motivation in 2016

Trainers for motivation... in 2016. Yes, I know a lot of you have put down that you are aiming to get fitter for the New Year and healthier on Facebook so I thought what a better post than a trendy related and hopefully motivating post to help you stick to that resolution. Not that I am saying you won't but most of us do tend to get carried away at some point. At least if you do you can think to yourself ''I need to stick to this resolution because I didn't buy those trainers Elpitha suggested for nothing!'' haha right?! Anyway lets crack on and see below some of my favourite 2016 trendy trainers that are bound to make you look fab.

Gone the days were we would all buy white or black trainers - now its all about over the top clashes of colours. It really is amazing how fashion changes all of a sudden. My favourite have got to be by far the Nike trainers that look darn good! Great thing is also they would go fab with any sport outfit as well. What else could we all want? For more trainers at Spartoo check out .


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