Thursday, 14 January 2016

Tutorial - Bigger Lips

Something that has been trending for a while now in the makeup world, is bigger lips. The question is how do you do it without making them appear like they are over lined so they create a weird tash and you look terrible. I have seen lots of girls doing them this way which just makes your lips appear weird trust me. The trick to making it look natural is all down to optical illusions. I have a created some photographs step by step for you to view and take notes.

Moisturise - When your lips are really dry they will shrivel down to the smallest size they can be. To avoid this happening you really need to keep things moisturised. I suggest applying some lip balm and rubbing it in aggressively till it has all sinked in. (The aggressiveness will help push the blood around and plump them.)

Add Foundation & Powder - Thats right! Apply it everywhere to create an even surface with a nude base to work with. Then so the liquid foundation dries up (so we can apply our liner smoother) add your powder. 

Line Your Lips- Go JUST over your own lip lines and use nude colours to make your lips appear bigger. I have used L'oreal Lip Lliner Couture in 630.Once you have done that apply powder again and then once more line your lips and using the liner fill in your lips also. 

Add Highlighter to Cupids Bow and then Finish with Plumping Lipgloss - Highlighter can be added around the top part of your lips above your lip liner. Then if you want add plumping lipgloss and leave it for 5 minutes and then pat it dry so it turns into matt. 

As you can see they have taken a more plump look rather than a overdrawn kind of look. I would suggest wearing gloss so it gets them even plumper if not then as mentioned above leave it 5 mins and then take it off. 


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