Thursday, 11 February 2016

Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream Sample Review

Today I visited the Clinique counter in Boots at the Metro Center and the two ladies who served me there were really helpful. They happened to give me a sample for their new on the go eye cream which I instantly fell in love with as I learnt more and more about it. The cream is fragrance free and can be used on naked skin or with make up. The ladies explained to me that this cream has been designed to be used even for while you are at work on top of your make up. How cool is that. To be honest with you it kind of reminded me of the Garnier Roll on Eye cream which the ladies disagreed with me but in my opinion the moto of the cream seems to be pretty much the same. Great eyes on the go.

The packaging that I had seen up close is very fancy and is bright orange. Some was put on my hand to get the feel of the texture which to be honest with you was pretty much soaked in by my skin straight away. This eye cream can be used for men also so this could be a couples thing ?! The cream feels quite silky when you apply it to your skin and before you know it has gone. No residue remains afterwards (as most bad eye creams do leave it) so you could easily straight away put make up on top or blend it with make up.

I would certainly buy the full bottle of this, so far I am very happy that I have hydrated eyes. From just trying this sample I seem to have fallen in love with the product. I was not informed of the retail price however what I was told was that on the 3rd of March a new promotion is going to begin were when you buy one makeup and skincare product you receive a big Clinique Gift. So there we go the secret is revealed!


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