Monday, 1 February 2016

Discover Geox Shoes

Geox is an Italian brand that was created in 1995. The story behind it is pretty smart- basically the inventor of the shoe was ready to take over his family wine business and he happened to be at a wine conference in Reno, Nevada. He decided to go for a jog and due to the hot temperatures he took his swiss knife out and cut some holes in his shoes to allow his foot to breathe and be cooler. Before he knew it he had created his very own invention and starting selling in a small business leather shoes. Geox is known for being comfortable and not awkward for your feet. People always seem to forget how important it is to keep our feet happy and healthy they are the base of our body and can lead to many problems in the rest of our body if we do not treat them right.

Ever since then Geox has always done their best to keep up with latest trends and also deliver the best comfortable shoes for your feet. As you can see the designs above are really something else. Who said healthy feet has to look boring?! For more shoes at Spartoo check out .


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