Tuesday, 23 February 2016

First Look at Decleor Energising Gel

I have actually used this gel before however I want to review it again since last time I used this I must of been about 16 and can vaguely remember in detail how I felt about this product. My mam usually buys from QVC these packages with Decleor and this is one of the items she won't use and usually passes it on to me. This energising gel has been designed to as it says itself energise skin and help repair dull, tired or with flaws skin that comes due to ageing or stress etc. My biggest problem is my legs. I suffer sadly from very dry legs and I am still on the hunt for a good moisturiser because once they are dry they become very itchy and I just help them get scarred even more. This is why I am quite excited to test this out now on my skin and on my back were I have a couple of acne scars also.

The gel contains Osmanthus which is a type of flower that comes from Asia and has many health benefits including detoxing the body which is probably how it makes the gel help battle problematic skin. The bottle I have is 150ml and the texture of it is gel which has a green, blue colour to it. There is barely a smell to it and it is quickly absorbed by your skin leaving a refreshing feeling behind. This can also be used on your face as well as your body. It is also recommended for men after shaving. This retails on its own for around 37.00 GBP which is pretty expensive but hey if this rescues my skin, I will have this on auto delivery. As soon as I have some results to share with you guys I will let you know.


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