Wednesday, 17 February 2016

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Sample Review

Sopost had a great offer on once more where they gave away some La Roche-Posay samples of their new range for a lot of people to try. Now I have tried La Roche-Posay before so this brand is not something new to me. The new range is called Toleriane Ultra and there is an Intensive Soothing Fluid that is for your face and eyes and an intense soothing care that is only for your face. These are only 2ml samples so I can only recommend to a certain point keep in mind.

The Toleriane Ultra Fluide for Face and Eyes

Is pretty much made up of a substance that looks like its a cream but really is a gel. It is absorbed super fast by my skin and the gel is aroma free ( or it appears that way to me). My eyes can get sensitive if the ingredients in eye creams are too harsh. This has not done anything to my eyes which I am overly pleased over. It does feel like it hydrates the area of your skin well and it makes sure it does soothe it. I would buy this again.

The Toleriane Ultra Intense Soothing Care

This is the exact same thing as the above product however this is cream based. This is probably much better for sensitive skin types that do not suffer from blemishes or oily skin. Saying that, it did not do any harm to my skin anyway. Again it leaves a smooth feeling behind and it is instantly soaked up in your skin. The cream does not appear to have an aroma and it does not break out your skin. Apparently you can use this on your eyes as well however I am not certain and did not try this. Once again a great product but for my skin type I would buy the first one since it is a gel type of formula.



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