Monday, 15 February 2016

L'occitane Cocooning Kit

L'occitane was running an offer last month were if you signed up to their newsletter you received an email with a voucher saying that you can claim one of their free Cocooning sets from one of their stores completely free or by ordering online (but you would have to buy something from their online store) and entering the voucher code you received. To cut a long story short, I had trouble getting my hands on this from their stores so I emailed L'occitane and I must say the customer service was great and I got one sent out for me and one for my friend which she is very happy about also.

In the set you got two miniatures - one is the Dry Skin Hand Cream 10 ml and the other is Light Comforting Cream which is 8ml. The light comforting cream is like a whipped body lotion that has a nice fresh like scent. I use it on my legs since I suffer from really dry legs that tend to get itchy. The gret thing with this cream is that it is instantly soaked up in your skin. There is enough in this luxury sample for another 2 times I believe just for my legs that is. I would 100% buy this full size because you can really tell by the texture of the cream that it is a great concentrated product that is designed to moisturise with a light touch.

The other item is the hand cream. At my job because I handle money a lot and cardboard I seem to have gotten some sort of an allergic reaction to it. My hands start going super dry and before I know they are cracking open and bleeding. Sounds awful right? I was really interested to see how quick this cream would work on my hands and if it would give me some sort of instant relief. What I noticed was that after one application my hands went soft and remained that way. I am not surprised this is such a good product considering the reviews and awards it has had, It leaves no greasy residue behind and is once again is soaked up straight away by your skin unlike most hand creams.

I am really happy with both samples and would easily buy these full size, Go test them out at your local store.


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