Friday, 19 February 2016

Yankee Candle Must Have Scents 2016

Yankee Candle Fan over here! Well candle fan of everything. I am absolutely in love with their candles even though I must admit lately I was given one of my friend for my new house and it did not smell at all. I spoke with Yankee Candle on the phone because they have a 100% guarantee if you are not happy with their products you can get them exchanged/refunded. However I was hoping they would get me it exchanged but sadly they would only allow me to either take the candle back to the store from were it was bought from with the receipt (which I did not have because it was a gift) or go to the post office send it off to the head office. To be honest with you by the time I find a box and the packaging to keep it secure with it being glass and then go to the post office and pay for the postage it really is not worth it. I asked Yankee if they could get a courier to come and collect it but they told me no. I was really disappointed that a company that I love let me down. My mam also experienced a similar problem. She bought a Yankee Candle and then she started smelling burning it turned out that the wax had melted and the wick was actually burning the glass which is against their safety standard because their candles are designed to leave one inch of wax before the bottom of the glass to stop this from occurring. She also rang to inform them and was also told that she had to post off the empty glass broken, burnt jar which is quite bizarre, right?  

Anyway that was my quick little chat out there for you guys to read. Now lets move on to which candles I would really like someone to buy for me or for me to buy for myself. We have coconut bay at the top which always smells like paradise on a beach. I love the scent of coconut it always reminds me of summer holidays. 

I find this smell to be extremely comfortable and clean. Baby powder for sure has to be one of the top sellers for Yankee Candle. Its ideal for a bathroom. 

Fresh and natural I imagine this scent to be. Once again who does not want to feel like they are on the beach taking a walk with some lovely fresh oxygen.

I bought this the other day and I need more! It smells absolutely amazing it has a light perfume like scent that is perfect for the house. As soon as I took it out of its votive packaging before lighting this up, the whole living room and kitchen smelt of this. I was really happy with the quality of this considering the last Yankee I had got was the one I was talking about at the beginning and never seemed to have any fragrance. 

What is your favourite Yankee Fragrance? Have you had a similar customer service experience?

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