Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Duwop Igels for Fine Lines Review

I am one of those people who does not feel the need to wear eye cream everyday however will make sure that I pamper my eyes every now and then with some sort of an eye mask. These I was super excited about trying because they had different packaging and lots of different types of gels for your eyes. The first one that I have tried so far is the purple one which contains plant collagen to help reduce fine lines and provide your skin with vitamin C. Of course when I tried these out I knew I was not going to see my eyes all of a sudden wrinkle free. That would be unrealistic. I imagine that after some time of using these you would be able to see a difference.

You have to remove the gels from the packet and apply them to your eyes. The smell was very nice and I felt my eyes at points very cool and at other points stinging a little bit. It is nothing to worry about trust me. You have to keep them on for 10 minutes and after that I took them off my eyes and rubbed in circular motions some of the residue that was left. I felt like my eyes felt awake, revived and refreshed. My eyes from a wrinkle point of view felt firmer and almost as if I had an eye lift of some sort. I was really pleased with this lot of Igels and I am looking forward to trying the rest. The only complaint I have from them is that the packaging does not mention whether they can be re-used or disposed off. (I binned mine.)

Have you tried them before?


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