Monday, 7 March 2016

Rituals Hammam Hot Scrub Review

We were in Marks and Spencers with my mam looking at all the different beauty brands they had on sale. My mam grabbed me all of a sudden and told me to come over and smell this product by Rituals. It smelt absolutely amazing and I decided the other day to purchase it for both us. The smell almost reminds me of Vicks that is for your body to help open pores or help soother a sore throat. It really does smell like something out of a Hammam. The scrub is thick salt crystals which are fantastic for scrubbing all over your body gently. It contains Warming Ginger and Fresh Eucalyptus even though it does not remind me of any of them smells.

It cost me 19.00GBP per tub that I bought and I bought them from Feel Unique since they also had free delivery. I was expecting this product since it is called a warming scrub to warm up on my skin. When I applied it however to my skin I did not feel any sort of warming sensation which I was very disappointed with. Since the aroma seems to be so strong when you smell it from the tub, I was expecting this kind of experience in my bathroom - that it would all smell like a hammam and my body or the atmosphere would as I was applying it to my skin. Once again this sadly was not the case which I was really upset over because I had high expectations of this product.The scrub itself is nice and thick but it did not feel like it had anything unique about it especially for me to pay the extra 19.00GBP. I am planning on contacting Rituals because I feel like I may have been given a faulty tub and if I get any sort of response I will let you guys know. For now sadly for me its a no no. :(


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