Monday, 28 March 2016

The Perfect Workout Outfit

Sometimes all it takes is seeing that workout outfit that will trigger your interest and inspire you to go and workout. Outfits for the gym are not what they used to be. They have now all of a sudden become a fashion trend as well. Sporting bright pink trainers with a pink fleece is now chic. I wanted to put together my own little outfit that I would wear. To start off with I have this fancy Nike vest top that is quite baggy and not tight, so its even more comfortable and can easily be worn with a sports bra. 

Next are these bright blue leggings that have a very modern yet energising pattern on them. I do love my Nike leggings and they are super comfortable and best of all, not see through!!

I am going to combine this outfit with some luxurious Nike Air's that just have the blue on the bottom and the rest is black. Super trendy and super comfortable.

What are your thoughts on this outfit?
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