Tuesday, 15 March 2016

VIDEO - How I currently keep my make up organised

I have recently moved into my new house and I am still half way through decorating it and buying some necessities. I was having difficulty keeping my make up in a bag because there would be this rattling noise early hours when I was getting ready and others were sleeping in my house and also I could never find what I wanted so it resulted in me emptying everything out just to stick it back in again. I decided to try and find a temporary solution that would help me keep things organised and tidy until I buy some sort of furniture that will work for my beauty collection. Below I have a video of me showing you around my OPI nail polish case that I transformed into my make up storage case.

The trick with this is that if you use the bottom part for bulky items such as palettes or foundation bottles and the top part for different items such mascaras, make up brushes and you can just pop them in the little sections. The case looks very attractive in your room and it is super easy for you to work with. I am currently loving this idea because it leaves no mess what so ever. Thank you for watching and let me know your thoughts or questions.


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