Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Duwop Triple Threat Sculpt Perfect Review

I was sent some lovely Duwop products to try out from the lovely Simple Beauty ; one of those items was the triple threat sculpt perfect contour palette. The palette is a small convenient size that contains not only the contour powders but all the other essentials that match with it. My palette is in the shade Light and contains two highlighters, two contours and one glow as labelled below on the photograph. With them being powder based I apply them on top of my foundation and work with them gradually topping the powder amount up. Powder is much harder to blend that a liquid and putting too much on at once can leave some awful marks on your skin and for contouring this is a no no.

Even though I have an olive skin complexion, I have been loving the ''lighter'' colour palette since it has been blending in much better with my skin tone and is bringing out my natural colours terrifically. I am not one of those extreme contour gurus who will apply tuns of contouring on their skin to drastically change their skins appearance. I am all about the natural approach of contouring where no visible lines are on show when up close and talking with someone. It all looks like one colourful palette that naturally blends into one colour that of course looks natural. This is my approach to contouring

The powders I have shown you have great pigment and are long lasting on your skin. I love how they have a natural effect of contouring on my skin and can make your complexion look beautiful. They are matte and have Gold, Peat Extract, Vitamins A, C and E. They help promote collagen production, they smooth fine lines and wrinkles, brighten your skin and help stimulate cellular turnover. You are not just temporarily making your face look great with but you are permanently helping your face improve whilst wearing make up and looking glam. What more can we ask from Duwop? I loved trying this and I am looking forward to using this during my everyday routine.


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