Saturday, 2 April 2016

Lush Bath Stuff Haul

I popped into my local store today which was at the Metro Center in Gateshead and the smells and the pretty colours over whelmed me so much (in a good way) that I just could not resist leaving empty handed. I grabbed two bath bombs quickly one was the Sakura and the other was the Intergalactic. I went over to a very kind lady which I sadly do not know her name all I know was that she was a student and she had great green brow which I thought she rocked fabulously and asked her if Lush do any products that help takeaway pain from muscles. My job is quite a heavy duty job that I must say some women even men would probably struggle with and due to lifting lots of heavy items quickly all of my back tends to hurt especially my lower right hand side. I was delighted and intrigued to hear the excellent news that Lush do have such products and I was dying to see them.

She took me over to the soap section and showed me a soap called Wiccy Magic Muscles that apparently once you soak it with some warm water and rub it on your skin you feel a heating sensation. I of course could not resist and grabbed it straight away and explained to her that I would give it a try and fingers crossed if it works I will be buying more and of course letting you guys know. She then took me over to a second product called 93.000 miles which she explained to me its called this because your body feels as if it has walked or ran that many miles and is aching. This is a jelly and you just soak it and rub the whole lump on your skin all over and then place back in the tub. May I also add that this is another product that supposedly also heats up! I bought the small tub to start off with to see if this really will also help out my back. This is my haul from Lush and I will have the reviews up very soon, so stay tuned.


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