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Rainbow Six Siege Review

A first person shooter game that has been developed and published by Ubisoft. The game has several modes such as terrorist, situations and online aka multiplayer which consists of either being part of the casual league or the ranked league. You can play online with 4 friends so that there are 5 of you in total against another team of 5 people. If you do not have an online team of friends who can assist you then you will be automatically put in a group with random people. As you can imagine one of the negative parts of playing online with a group of random people is that you do not have good communication with your team mates, either due to the language barrier or the fact that they just do not want to talk. Lets move on an see what each part of Rainbow 6 is about.

Usually when first opening the game this is where you would head to first. You get an introduction of a woman who tells you what the objective is and gives you a very vague tour of which location you will be in and what the terrorists will be doing. In total there are 10 that you have to unlock by scoring a good score which is counted in stars (3 is the best). Each situation tells you what your target is for each star so for example on 1 CQB Basics, the objective is to finish the situation with at least 50 health remaining, kill 2 enemies while aiming and perform 4 head shots. Each time you play these you gain renown which allows you to unlock new weapons and most importantly new operators. I feel like the situations need to include all operators and that is because I have noticed lots of beginners will head to the multiplayer section which is online because lets face it that is the best part of Rainbow however will not have any knowledge as to how to use the operator they have randomly selected causing tension between your team and leading to you getting voted out of the game. There needs to be a stage that is even easier than situations, where you just practise using your operator in each location just for the sake of blowing up a wall with Ash or reinforcing a wall. This way you get a rough idea of which operator you like better or should choose for your online game or because your team mates got other operators and you feel that someone such as Castle is missing who would help barricade walls. I have played a few situations games but I have and am relying on the online game to help me develop my skills and knowledge. The closest thing to a story you get is through these situations so it would be nice if on the next update or game of Rainbow they included more situations with more story telling. 

This is where the fun is! If you are lucky and have another 4 friends who are playing with you, you can communicate via the party app and discuss tactics or even which operator to get. To be successful in multiplayer means having unlocked all the operators in my opinion and purchasing the new DLC's that come out. Lately there were some new ''ice'' operators released as I call them who had some great benefits, for example Frost has some bear traps that can either kill you (rarely, yes but it can happen) or reduce your health quite a bit and if you are around all you need is to take that head shot and mission complete. There is a video I have added below where my partner actually planted a trap and you can see that it worked well for him. Check out Number 7


Now if you are playing with just another friend it means that another 3 random people will be added to your group which can be good however sometimes some people just won't play or will shoot their own team members just so they can get all the glory. Rainbow does have a vote to leave the game option which can tremendously help you play a better game and also a report suspicious behaviour. They do have you pretty much covered. There are 11 locations that you are usually randomly placed in and when defending you tend to vote as a team in which area of that location you want to defend in. Most votes wins or if you do not vote you will automatically be placed in a random area. There is currently a new DLC that is due to come out that will include 2 new operators and some say that it could possibly be two new locations, its going to be called Dust Line. If you have season pass (as we do) then you will automatically get them everyone else will have to use the renown but its usually a lot that you need. The bad thing with playing online however is that there are always lots of problems with the server. The game tends to kick you out, in the middle of playing however now MOST of the times it returns you back in the game you were playing with your team mates. I think its essential that this gets fixed because regardless of all the different types of game play you have, everyone loves the online aspect of this game and playing with your friends. Getting kicked out or servers being down can get very annoying. Even on the live finals for XBOX it kept coming up that the players were getting kicked out or they could not connect to the game which unsurprisingly the commentators were doing their best to change topic.


Terrorist Hunt
Its all about playing against the bots and you can either play against them as a lone wolf or as an online team. There is normal, hard and realistic modes that you can play this on. You have 5 options to play the game as terrorist hand, eliminate all terrorists, protect hostage, extract hostage and bomb. Its great to play on realistic with a team because you get to feel the game as the level says more realistically and normal I would recommend is for beginners. 

They are 3 tutorials that you can view but in my opinion they are not good. Yes, they show you how to barricade a wall but I feel like afterwards there should be some sort of practise offered. Once you have gained the confidence from this you should then be able to move onto the online part of this game. 

As you gain more renown you get the chance to unlock new operators as you can see in the image below. There are several different operators who originate from different countries and teams. The cool thing about this is that these ''teams'' actually exist in real life, google it. One of the best things they have done is created videos for each operator you unlock which are awesome. The videos captivate a smart move that they make using their ''talent''. My favourite video has to be Jager... Below you will find a list of the operators. I enjoy playing with Ash or Sledge for attack and for defending I tend to use Mute. Attacking is my favourite part, I love using the drones to locate enemies and then attacking by exploding walls or climbing up buildings and shooting through windows. 

GSG 9 - I.Q , Bandit, Blitz and Jager.
SAS - Sledge, Mute, Thatcher and Smoke.
GIGN - Rook, Doc, Twitch, Montagne. 
SPETZNAS - Glaz, Kapkan, Fuze, Tachanka.
FBI SWAT - Ash, Thermite, Castle and Pulse.
JTF2 - Frost and Buck.

Overall I would say the problem that they have with the server however has put many people off and if anything made them trade in this game because they have regretted buying it. After all what good is an online game that does not have a good server that you can rely on? The good thing is that its more realistic and you feel like they really are real soldiers where as a game such as Call of Duty has more of a futuristic aspect to their games which at this moment in time does not seem realistic to us but fantasy. I enjoy watching someone play this game and also playing this in multiplayer mode.

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All photographs and content are from my game play or friends.

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