Thursday, 28 April 2016

RHOBH Reunion - Best Dressed?

I am a huge fan of the RHOBH and in general that franchise but I must say when Beverley Hills is on, its way different. We are talking wealth and gigantic closets. I always love seeing what each housewife wears and their style. The reunion however is one step up - you have got to look your best there and I am here to tell you who did look the best out of all of them and what I felt was nice and bad on them.


Come on!! We all have to admit she has a better glam squad than some of the biggest celebrities out there. I am so jealous of her glam squad, I really am. The whole team create an amazing look and I really do love it. I loved the loose tonged curls with her beautiful blonde shade that looks so goddess like. The dress is fantastic - short , v-neck , glitter if that does not say sexy I don't know what does. Only a big ring can be seen on her hand but apart from that I love how they have created a nude look but then applied a smokey eye to create that boldness. Fab, fab , fab!!! 


There was something about her look that I felt was a let down. At times I was looking at her dress and the nude with the white and the way it goes up to her neck reminded me of one those straitjacket. I don't know why, don't ask. For some reason I felt like that dress did not sit right on her body, I just really did not like it. Her hair as well - I know she is currently fighting an illness but her stylist surely told her what to get done and what would suit her, I find the whole short hair looks awful on her. Its making her look older than what she is, that is usually what short haircuts tend to do. I would love to see the old Yolanda with the long hair that looked like that supermodel. 


Again another person who needs to sack their stylist. That dress was too long for her height. This dress sadly would only flatter a tall woman and the v-neck is too deep so all you can see when looking at her is chest that has been squeezed too tight to appear bigger and her ankles which makes her look super short. The hair and make up is just the usual apart from that glitter green eyeshadow which I quite liked, however I have seen episodes were she has had a better look pulled together.

Lisa V.

Was that dress too tight on her or did I only see it. I felt like the dress was a little but too young for her age and that is why she probably did not look that good in it. It was nice , yes but too tight. I think Lisa suits pencil dresses the best, I really do. The hair and make up once again nothing wowed me. 

Lisa V 

Makeup was quite nice, the eyeliner seemed to have needed a little bit of blending but ok. In general I love the whole look, the baby pink nude colour suits her really nice but maybe change that hair style. Ever since Brandy pointed that out I honestly can not stop looking at it. Surely this woman suits another hair style. 


Her look was very Jessica rabbit. I loved the make up, the colour of the dress, the way the dress was on her but the one thing that ruined it for me was the hair. Come on! Surfer style waves with such a romantic sexy look, really? It looked like it was done at home. Imagine if she had had a blow dry done to her hair how much better this would have looked. 


Too plain. Where is the bold necklace that would have suited this pencil dress. The shoes were plain and nice to go with the dress but then I just feel the accessories were completely wrong for this look. Rather than focussing on the ears with the gold hoops she should have had a nice necklace on. Maybe if her hair was straight it might have been better. I don't know.

Best dressed award goes to Erika of course and worst goes to Kyle only cause that dress seemed to make her look weird. 

What did you guys think?

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