Saturday, 23 April 2016

What is Bullet Journalling?

A trend I have been seeing over and over again on my Instagram - Bullet Journalling. What is it though? Why has it become so popular? I am going to answer all these questions that you may have. As I was saying, I have been seeing bullet journalling all over my Instagram page and what really attracted me to it was that it looked so pretty and colourful. Its basically like a diary that plans the future and keeps very organised however also allows you to store moments from the past that you may have also wanted to leave a memoir off.

There are several different methods to bullet journalling and how you do it which is why I would suggest that you do some research and decide how you would like to do it. I personally like the artistic version of it were it is all fun and colours. There are also some people who either don't have the time to draw or simply can't and they tend to make this journal into just a written journal. Now to start it off in my opinion you need the following.

  • Time - lots of it.
  • Coloured Pencils 
  • Pretty Coloured Gel/Pens
  • Great Quality Pens
  • A Great Journal 

There is a video below that I have added to this blog post that gives you the guide to bullet journalling. So take a look at it if you are thinking about it. The numerous blogs I have read on this topic seem to all be positive whilst people are slightly worried to commit to something like this in case they ''ruin it'' or do not have enough time. The truth is these bullet journals appear to keep people motivated and inspired and guess what I want to be a part of this. I want to feel positive about myself or my life on a daily basis and look through a inspiring journal I have created. At the end of creating the book, I would like to keep it as a memoir. Something I can look back on and reminiscence. I will definitely be taking this more seriously and start exploring how I am going to begin this new lifestyle in my life.

Do you bullet journal?

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