Thursday, 21 April 2016

Why Choose Reed Diffusers over Candles?

Even though all my life I have been a huge candle fan ever since buying my first Reed Diffuser that actually works, it has made me question Candles. So here I am now trying to balance things out and decide which really is better. After doing some research I may have solved this dilemma.

The truth is most of us buy candles so our house smells nice or a certain area of the house. The bad thing with candles is though that you have to light them, so you actually have to be there in order for that area to smell nice. Now that I recently had some guests staying at my house, I knew with two adults sleeping in one room and the horrible weather in the UK that does NOT allow you to open windows, that that room was going to possibly start smelling bad. I had bought a reed diffuser by Prices specifically and it was really good quality. The whole room was smelling of green tea and it really was lovely. I loved the fact that I did not have to worry about that certain room smelling nice and that without a me having to light something or be constantly on top of it, the reed diffuser was working its magic. The negative part of this story is that I was so enthusiastic with the results that I went and purchased another reed diffuser that was also expensive and it has never smelt, which I was so disappointed by.

Going back to our debate. Candles are more dangerous to have in your house due to the possibility of them causing a fire and burning kids. Reed diffusers do not have that problem and the worst it can get is your kid knocking them over and trying to get the oil out of your carpet. (Which could be equally bad haha.) Candles have a relaxing atmosphere that comes with them though. Lighting them in a dark environment can create a peaceful relaxing atmosphere that you can use to help relieve any stress. Reed Diffusers however are longer lasting than candles. I had a small bottle that lasted me 3 months and the whole room had a beautiful aroma constantly. Both objects can be great quality and healthy as long as you buy good ones that contain pure oils in them.

I have become a huge fan of reed diffusers and for the busy lifestyle I have they work for me excellently. I saw some lovely Yankee candle ones yesterday in Clinton cards look at how cool they are.

Which do you prefer?


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