Saturday, 7 May 2016

Boutique Nail Polish in Cross Your Fingers

Boutique is a brand that has been created by Sainsburys to bring you the latest make up trends in your local supermarket and at very good prices. I was approached by Boutique to try some of their make up out and I was very intrigued to see how good they really are at such a great price. Today I am going to talk about one of their Nail Polish colours I was sent called Cross Your Fingers.

It is a bright pink colour that will suit any skin tone or any nail size. It cots 4.00GBP and can bebought at your local Sainsburys store or even online whilst you are doing your grocery shopping. I absolutely love the packaging of their nail polishes,they look super trendy and designer like. The square top actually pops off and then you are left with a normal polish looking bottle. The sexy pink shade has a slight shimmer to it that can only be seen when you have bright light on top of it.

I work in quite a hard wearing environment so nice nails is quite a tough thing for me to achieve but I tried it with this nail polish and I was pleased. I placed two coats with no top coat or base coat and they seem to still be going strong. Imagine if you do not use your hands a lot how much longer they will last. I am very pleased with the overall finish and the formula of this product and for 4.00GBP it does not get any better. More colours coming soon!

Check out this link for more Boutique products.


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