Sunday, 15 May 2016

Celebrity Fragrances - Beyonce

Two perfumes that are affordable and can be bought from your local fragrance shop and if not online from places such as Amazon. Believe it or not I sometimes prefer these celebrity fragrances over actual ''branded'' ones because they sometimes smell better and last longer. Britney Spears has to be one of the most successful perfume lines alongside Jlo's. The prices start from 12.99GBP and can range up to 42.00GBP depending on whether it is a parfum or part of a gift set. Lets look at these one by one . These were all purchased from Superdrug.

Beyonce Heat Kissed 
The bottle is super cool and so is the packaging however I feel one of the problems Beyonce has is that she does not make them stand out well or make them differ from one another. The Heat and the Heat Rush perfume are pretty similar and the only thing that is different is the smell (obviously) and the colour of the bottle. I feel she could have been a little more creative with a wider range of bottles. I did not really like this fragrance. I found not so feminine and very musky but in a bad way. It has a very heavy smell to it which in my opinion can end up stinking. The official descriptive words for the scent of this perfume is below in the screen shots. I really would not buy this again, in fact I would not recommend this to any woman.

Beyonce Heat 
This is divine. This is what I am talking about. Amazing compared to Heat Kissed. Its super feminine and super fun. Guaranteed to leave a long lasting smell that will last on your clothes for days as it does with mine. This I feel has a very sexy finish to it because it seems to contains notes of vanilla. I would buy this again and again. But once again the packaging I was so confused about which fragrance I was talking about that I had to google the images to work out which is which. The bottles only write Heat.

I am very happy with Heat but I think Beyonce still has a long way to go before she makes as much dollar and Jlo and Britney Spears did.


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