Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Emporio Armani 7 Women Picks

Emporio Armani 7 is the sportswear collection from Giorgio Armani and the number 7 represents Giorgios lucky number. It brings out the designer chic in  you even at the gym. Could you ask for more?  Lets take a look at some of these outfits I have put together for different sports.


Black leggings that have on one side the EA7 logo alongisde a black loose vest top with the logo on. Great for running and resistance and most importantly looking trendy and feeling comfortable enough to work out in these.


Loose clothes that you can relax and easily flex your body with. The elastic pants will allow your body to be more relaxed and also find it easier to hold the flexibility for each pose and the t-shirt will keep you cool. Wear a sports bra underneath for those upside down moves.


Who says you have to be a professional athlete to wear EA7 clothes? Walking is good exercise as well and its a bonus if you have great company to do it with. Wear these casual joggers and this polo shirt to look everyday dressed with a sporty tint to that look.

For more styles check out www.spartoo.gr at Spartoo. 


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