Monday, 30 May 2016

Uncharted 4 Chapter 8-14

Managed to finish another 7 chapters of Uncharted and I must say they were more difficult this time.I found myself having to Youtube walk through's to understand how I get past a certain obstacle or how to solve a puzzle.  I have started live streaming my game play as well on my channel which you will find here. They are literally live so they are very realistic you will see me in parts trying to overcome obstacles and taking a little bit too long. If you do want to stay updated though and actually see a live broadcast I would suggest adding me on PSN Elpitha7 is my user. Lets get back to the game.

We start off by trying to find the Grave of Henry Avery in the land of Scotland. The chapter consists of basically walking through mountains in the lovely cold and gloomy Scottish weather. We stumble across the enemy's ground were you will have the opportunity to stock up on some hand grenades and explore before they all arrive and of course you have to attack them. Once you go through that stage you then have to continue trying to make your way to the castle where you will find more enemies that you have to attack and some puzzles to solve within the castle. I must say throughout all of this game I have fallen in love with Nathan's character- I love his witty humour that has a touch of sarcasm. 

We continue with more puzzles which I am too lazy to solve because they drive me nuts. It seemed every time I was starting a broadcast I was starting a puzzle so I am glad I had the sound on mute or you would have heard me going crazy because I could not solve the puzzles each time. We stumble across Nadine and Rafe who seem to be having some conflict between the two of them. Nadine seems to believe that Rafe is only trying to draw out Nathan because he feels he needs help with this treasure hunt. Nadine stumbles across Sam and Nathan and informs Rafe about this and tells him to come quickly. In the mean time she asks one of her people from her team to get the crucifix and Sam and Nathan step aside since they know it is a booby trap. They manage to escape and lucky for them Sully is there to pick them up with his aeroplane. 

The team finally lands in Madagascar to go and explore the volcano. We see a call between Nathan and Elena and we can pretty much tell she knows something is up, so our question is why doesn't he tell her the truth? Why does he not in fact invite her? We all know she likes adventure too. We get to drive through Madagascar land and of course be prepared to face some more enemies through out this.  What I liked about this chapter was that we saw some realistic parts to do with the car. There were like mud slides and of course the car could not go up so you have to get the rope tie it to a tree and accelerate to get up the mud slide. Pretty realistic. 

In the next chapter Sam checks out another tower while Nathan and Sully check out another one. We get to walk through the markets of Madagascar which I also found super realistic the way they created it. There are lots of people and you have to squeeze past them and your character says excuse me and there are people who are trying to force you to buy some things which is also exactly like what a market would be like. Here we come across one of my most hated puzzles in the clock tower, you have to find your way to climb up to solve some zodiac signs. We find out that Rafe has some sort of GPS tracker on their phones and he is on the way now to get them and has been listening this whole time to their conversations. Nathan rings Sam to inform him about this and hears gun shooting so him and Victor rush to help him out. At the end of the chapter we are confronted by Elena who has found him and tells him that she is disappointed to find out that everything she has been told were lies, she then walks off with Sully. 

This next chapter at the sea was my favourite chapter, it was beautiful. I honestly felt that the sea was created so realistically I almost felt like I was there and just wanted to go for a swim. You have to explore different islands until you find Henry Avery statue to which you discover that it points towards an island. Remember that first chapter we had were we were battling at the sea with some enemies well that is the next part and we just get flashbacks off this. I thought this was sewn into the story really well as I was wondering what that chapter was all about. 

We are now stranded on paradise that currently has a storm going on and Nathan is trying to find Sam. You jump from cliff to cliff trying to get on higher ground. As you continue exploring the island trying to find Sam you come across some enemies that you have to attack and then as you get to the top of this cliff you find Sam who was also trying to find you and the treasure. One of my favourite things in this chapter was finding the super cool sniper gun that pretty much instantly kills someone. Nathan seems to be having second thoughts about all of this treasure hunting saga and Sam is trying to tell him otherwise, as they are arguing Sam spots from the corner of his eye a pirate like stone that is hidden behind nature. 

We now find Libertalia which seems to be an abandoned village that has lots of houses all around and a Henry Avery statue in the middle off it. Nathan then tells Sam that this is not his first lost city that he has found , a reference to the previous Uncharted games. This chapter is just more exploring and finding little treasures and adding notes to your journal entries. Once again prepare to be attacked and as the chapters go on it does get so much harder.

I have feel that the previous 7 chapters were just a warm up the game and to the characters for some people who have never played the Uncharted games before or have simply forgotten the controls. The 7 chapters I have played now have been much harder and they have plenty more puzzles that you have to solve that are quite hard and require a lot of looking in your journal to work out the codes. My favourite chapter by far was the one at the islands as mentioned before it was beautiful scenery that made me wish I could go for a swim. I am interested to see in the next chapters what will happen with Nathan and Elena and of course how the game will conclude with the drug lord that is threatening Sam's life. 



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