Friday, 20 May 2016

Uncharted 4 - A Thief's End Chapter 1-7

I started playing this game yesterday after finally managing to find some time to do so. I am already flying through this game because I am so captivated by not just the story line but the graphics. Each time I feel like I have lived a thousand lives via Naughty Dogs amazing games. They are not just games that make you emotionally attached to the characters but beautiful with stunning views of places you never even imagined existed.

The first chapters are basically a great way for you to practise using the buttons on your controller but also to get the full story of the story. It begins with what seems to be a scene from the future of the brother getting chased in the ocean and there are some shots fired.We visit Nathan and Sam's childhood and find out that they were both ''rule breakers'' as kids and living in an orphanage. Nathan being the smaller brother is still there and Sam is out on the streets exploring and trying to advice his little brother that he needs to be patient with Sister Catherine and lets us know that Father Duffy was his favourite.

We then quickly move forward to the future again and find the two brother in prison to which point we find out that we have a prison officer who read a little bit too much of the information that was given to him, wants a bigger cut of what he finds. Nathan goes out and has a look and in the mean time you can sit and enjoy the stunning views whilst solving a couple of problems. When he returns he says that he never found anything to the police officer to which then after Nathan, his brother and Rafe come against the Mexican gang of the prison again and when the officers storm in that police officer finds something in your back pocket. Rafe decides to shoot the officer which sets off a high alert and you have to escape the guards. Throughout all of this all of a sudden his brother Sam appears to die and Nathan is forced to leave him behind.

We then move forward to the future and we see Nathan in his new occupation as a diver and that he is married and appears to be ''happy''. We soon realise that he is not and so does his wife. There is something he misses, something he lusts and that something is adventure. We even get to have a game on the old Playstation against his wife playing Crash Bandicot, which is one of the Easter eggs. Nathan for some reason seems to want to live a normal life like a normal person but sometimes when you have that lust for adventure all you need is one trigger and you are back to your normal habits. Nathan's trigger? His brother arriving.

His brother arrives and explains how he is still alive and that this drug lord has blackmailed him considering he freed him from prison into finding this treasure he spoke to him about. Nathan although he hesitates to start with in the end he decides that this has to be done. He announces to his wife that after all the thinking he has decided to go to Malaysia when really he is going to Italy.

In Italy you will experience exploring the mansion and even picking the waiters pocket to solve a puzzle. After getting to the mansion through as you can imagine jumping from and to cliffs you will then take of your ''workman''outfit and reveal your elegant suit underneath so you blend in just well during this party. The two brothers are after the cross that is similar to the one in Panama and is currently waiting to be auctioned off. You will hear meet Nadine who you will also have to come into quite the violent meet up with her. She does not ever seem like a happy woman and Victor who we also bump into and actually assists us to help us find the cross... Once the cross is stolen all the mansion is on high alert and you have to find your way to the car so you can escape. Do not expect that to be a smooth ride - oh and expect grenades as well.

The game so far has really fascinated me just the way Last of Us had. However so far I have found a difference in both games Last of Us is about Joel's need to feel like he can protect Ellie because he never could do so with his own daughter. His character has evolved and at the beginning it was almost as if he had given up completely but then Ellie comes in his life and all of a sudden it is almost as if he has found a reason to be human and a reason to live. Uncharted on the other hand shows us Nathan's struggle trying to decide what he really wants, what makes him happy. Is it the adventure or is it a normal life. It appears that Nathan has only ever learnt to have this adventure in his life from a small age, was it to forget his problems? He also seems to want something he never had a family, a normal family life. I am looking forward to seeing how the game will conclude and what path he will take.

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