Saturday, 18 June 2016

Primark Candles are actually GOOD!

We all love our Yankee Candles and Jo Malone ones however they can get quite expensive when you do light them all the time for the average person. Now if you are like me you choose candles over air fresheners so I do need a few jotted around the house and actually lit quite regularly. This is expensive though. We are talking a large jar just from Yankee can cost up to 25.00GBP and I wont even mention Jo Malone sky high prices. I am always on a mission to find a bargain that could possibly work the same way. Do not get me wrong I know for a fact that more expensive brands have better quality oils in their candles and more lasting power - so yeah you can't really compare the cheap with the expensive however for that month when you can not afford expensive candles I have found the solution. Primark.

My friend absolutely loves Primark and has got me into it as well and as I was approaching the tills I saw some candles that looked really nice presented and were super cheap. I thought to myself, I might as well buy one just to see what they are really like. I bought one glass jar one which I would say is like a medium size for about 4-5 pound if I remember correctly. It was called Madagascar Vanilla. The smell was so nice and I thought to myself, that I hoped this works. They are long lasting in my opinion and the variety of smells does remind me of something a luxury brand would do.

Took it home and guess what the whole house smelt beautifully. They really do work and they are super cheap. I went next time and got more of the glass jars and some of the tealights and to my surprise even the tea lights smell when you light them. I have the jotted around the house in the tea light holders that I have. So yes, believe me when I say that you should try them out!

Have you tried Primark's candles before?


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