Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sanitary Owl - Monthly Subscription Box Review

The other day as I was on my Facebook an advert popped up for a page named Sanitary Owl that basically helps keep your time of the month stock topped up. I was reading the comments on their page and everyone seemed pleased with the box. Some of the reasons why was because some people felt too shy to buy tampons etc from the shop or others such as myself hold a busy lifestyle and it saves a lot of time. Believe it or not for some weird reason when I do my shopping I always forget to buy the stuff I need for when I am on my period so this really does help me on that side of things. Someone else is doing the thinking, ordering and delivery for me.

To start off with the box is very simple and long and it says it is designed to fly through letterboxes. Funnily enough, I was out of the house that day and the postman made me go to the post office to collect it. Grrr. I think it was because it needs to be signed for however yet again what is the point of it going through the letterbox if I need to open the door to get it? This was the only downside for me. When you open the box again nothing too fancy with the way its been packed but I don't mind. You are given a card each month mine was more of a welcome card from what I have gathered and I think in the future I will get pictures of men or things that will make me feel good. This again I noticed when looking on their Facebook page Tom Hardy was on the card pictures that was sent out. Cheesy but I love it. I was given a free drawstring bag to place all of the contents of my box into. I already have a period ''box'' so I will be using the drawstring bag to place them in my bag instead.

Now in my box I have some organic pads in and some tampons. These I chose before my box was sent out. When you sign up you choose how much quantity of each thing you want. The will have heavy pads and light pads, pads by Always , pads by Natracare, tampons again light or heavy... There is quite a wide selection. You can also add extra tampons/pads than what is already set out for an extra charge and you can also add goodies such as chocolate, heat pads and paracetamol. So, yes I would love to see more goodies maybe face masks and more brands for the pads and tampons.

I am overall very pleased with this box and have already pre-ordered my next two boxes for the next two months. If you like the look of this box and would like to try this out for 1.00GBP including delivery then write this code SANOWL303304 when checking out here.


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