Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A Taste of the Future is Here - Crystallized Tea

So the Pique Tea owner gets in touch with me all the way from America and asks me if I want to try out his new tea range. Of course, I said yes. You all know how much I love tea and trying different brands and flavour combinations. Now the Parcel arrives with US stamps all over it which got me mega excited and I open it to find a quite little box with the most heart felt message of Simon. I open to see the tea and it looked like sachets of sugar, I was confused. When I took a closer look I realised that it was the tea Simon had promised to send me BUT crystallised, organic and natural. OMG! I mean think how easy it will be to brew an ice tea, right? The whole idea is that they would like us all to be able to make healthier choices and make life easier for us busy lifestyle people. Lets take a look at what I thought of it?

I have been sent Sencha Green Tea, Earl Grey and Jasmine however on their website they have a load more you can check out and some super funky merchandise. SHOP HERE  

Sencha Green Tea - It does not smell like your usual Green Tea which appears at first to be slightly unusual. When you drink it, it tastes like actual Green Tea. How do I know this? I am fortunate enough to have relatives who travel to Asia and have brought me back Green Tea in its dried leaf format - so I actually have had tried pure green tea and guess what this is no different. What baffles me is that the flavour is so strong but when you look at the amount of crystals that are in your cup you think, thats not going to come out strong but watery BUT it does not.

Earl Grey Tea - Has a really beautiful aroma and it is once again exactly like Earl Grey tea. There is no difference, if anything the quality is so much better. According to my taste buds I could easily brew two cups out of one sachet but thats how I would personally drink this tea.

Jasmine Tea - Not a huge favourite of mine since the strong aroma covers the enjoyment of drinking tea in my opinion however in this case, I will try it out just for you readers. As I guessed there is an aroma of jasmine and the tea is exactly the same as a normal tea would be.

So you are probably thinking what was the point in this taste test? Well the point is that I wanted to show myself and you guys that the quality as it claims is as good as it says. Surely when we all think of crystallised tea the first thing that pops in our mind is additives and nasty stuff that will ruin the well being of a product. I did my research and there is a history behind this method which you can find out more about on the website on the about us section. Pure Tea is stronger than what we are used to from our usual supermarket tea. These were super strong and I believe that they are organic and natural because just tasting and smelling it makes you realise this. I absolutely love the idea of these and I am so glad to be one of the first to try this new taste of the future. Thank you Simon and Pique for the opportunity because you nailed the product.


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