Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Natura Bisse - The brand that will destroy your purse for a good cause.

So I came across a brand called Natura Bisse and intrigued as I was to try their products I managed to get my hands on some samples all the way from Harrods in London. Lucky girl I am but anyway I recently got round to trying them and oh my god little did I expect to fall in love this much with a brand so expensive. I get up at 3.30 am to start work so my skin is always seriously stressed from the intense sweating, stressing and waking up at daft o clock from work. This is why what I put on a morning really needs to work for my skin so it looks really nice. According to some of my work colleagues they reckon my skin is always glowing but is it due to the lemon water I drink in my flask or to my genes? The point is when I tried ''The Cure, Colour Enhanced Moisturiser'' my skin changed.

It felt like I was blending a perfect little potion on my skin that seemed to adjust to my skin colour but also enhance it as the title says. It created a natural tan that did not make me look like I had two different tones of skin and made my skin moisturised but also not too greasy and not too dry. There was a perfect balance and this tint did not make me look like I had any foundation on. With some Urban Decay bronzer my skin honestly looked like it had been to the beach and I was amazed. Who needs foundation when your skin can be slightly enhanced and look this nice.

The down side of this is that we are talking 140.00GBP for a tub of this magic potion. My heart is telling me it is worth it and I can afford it but my mind is screaming don't do it. The reality is if it does make your skin look good and it is helping treat it then yes, buy it. What I am scared of is whether this is overpriced and whether out there there is something similar and cheaper. Saying this , I will probably buy myself it as a treat. Yes, I can be that crazy if I do lots of overtime to take the guilt of buying it away from me.

What would you do buy or leave?


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