Friday, 29 July 2016

Relieve your Skin with Salcura BioSkin Repair Moisturiser

The past couple of months, I have been itching more than usual and it has been leaving my skin looking awful. Its my shoulders, my legs and my arms sometimes that are itching. I mean don't get me wrong before all of this started occurring my legs were always a pain but that was usually due to shaving. The state my skin has got into now is out of the norm. I am uncertain whether it has to do with my diet ,with my fabric conditioner or it could be just my hormones. I guess I will never know until I visit a doctor for an allergy test but until then I have a serious issue and I need something to relieve it. So I contacted Salcura and explained to them my skin condition and that I would like to try a product out if they feel they have a solution for me. Luckily they did and here is how it went. 

Now Salcura specialises in natural skin therapy and they have a wide range of products from skincare to hair care, which is fantastic because its good to know there's a brand out there that caters for your whole body. I informed them of my symptoms and they felt that Zeoderm for the face and body were just what I needed. The packaging is nothing out of the ordinary its more medicine related and serious rather than trendy with bright colours. Its comes in a squeezy tub which works well and all you do is apply it straight to the skin that is affected. You can apply as much as needed and it can be applied to your face also. 

It does not really have a scent and the texture seems to be a thick gel that once applied its soaked in immediately by your skin. So my legs started itching I got this cream out and applied and they were soothed straight away which is great because Aloe Vera could barely do this for me. My eyes felt quite dry and itchy and I also applied some of this cream around the eye area and even though it stings a little bit it soothed them again. I feel like this product contains powerful amounts of moisture in it but without you feeling which is a great feeling after all the last thing we all want to do is walk around feeling like we have oil on us. The only thing that let me down with this product was that it does not help defeat the condition, yes it soothes it but its power against fighting does not seem to be as good. I itched again the next day and the next day and I was constantly re-applying. I would love to see product that will help treat this more permanently rather than temporarily. 

Have you tried any of Salcura's products? What were your thoughts?


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  1. I haven't tried any of Salcura's products, but it seems awesome!!