Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Sample Review - Caudalie Broad Spectrum Anti Wrinkle Cream SPF20

I am so sorry, I have not written in what feels like ages. The truth is I have been working some pretty tough shifts and I am a wreck and also back to work tomorrow. I am trying to catch up with life and especially this blog that requires a lot of my attention on a daily basis. Yesterday when I got in from work, I ran a bath and added some dead sea salts to help relax my muscles since they were aching, I also placed a much needed Kiehls Face mask on my skin to help bring the moisture levels back to normal and I de-stressed my eyes with a Macrovita Eye Mask I have, a much loved Greek brand that I miss here in the UK. I think my skin is back to normal for as long as it lasts. Now I rummaged through my samples to find a nice cream for my skin and I came across this Caudalie one which has SPF20 and is designed for dry skin. At the moment due to the stress and lack of moisture my skin has this is the perfect solution for it.

The cream feels like its contains some sort of thick oil however you never get that lasting feeling of thick cream or oily skin which is just yucky. I think part of the mixture must be olive and there is a tint of citrus that reminds me so much of summer and for some reason Greece. My skin has literally just soaked that all up in a matter of seconds and my skin now feels so soft but also like it is protected. This is a lovely cream to place underneath your make up because it has no oily residue. It smells fantastic, trust me!

A lovely cream that protects your skin from the suns nasty sun rays but also provides moisture in the most oil free way possible. This retails for 29.00GBP and contains roughly 40ml worth of product. Please do keep in mind you literally only need a drop of this since it spreads really nicely when slowly massaged in. A lovely cream for dry skin or skin that gets a little bit rough when exposed to lots of sun rays.


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