Saturday, 16 July 2016

The New Must Follow Instagram Account

After months of contemplating whether or not I should do something like this, I decided to give into my instinct and go ahead and create a Freebies/Savings account on Instagram. The purpose of this is to help promote awareness to people who are not earning enough money so that they can also have certain freebies to treat themselves. I have lived in both extremes, one extreme was living in Greece and witnessing myself young adults not being able to find a job and enjoy things they should be enjoying now. The other extreme is living in the UK although jobs are available the cost of life is expensive and it really does leave people with little room for them to have money to spend. I want this to be an eye opener to people around the world that, there are always ways for you to save money, get free things and get those extra things in life that you may need. I have read articles about people who do not pay for their monthly food shopping, I know right? Its unbelievable. 

This Instagram account is called @glittersave and is a collection of how I organise vouchers, what post I got or free items. I sadly do not have the time to pre-warn you about these offers but other pages do, if you google them. My mission once again is to show you that it is possible and example of what you could be saving if you give it a shot. I want to make it clear by no way does this mean I am stuck in poverty or a undercover millionaire, I am just a normal person who likes a challenge and bringing some good in this world that needs it so much right now. So, spread the love and follow @glittersave for your frequent freebie updates. 


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