Thursday, 4 August 2016

Experience Greece through Apivita Natural Cosmetics

My partner is flying over to Greece next week and I am super excited for the goodies he is bringing me back. He told me I have to make a list of things I want, that I can't find in the UK and he will bring them back to me, Apivita I had heard that it was being sold by Marks and Spencers in the UK however I have been to my local stores and even bigger stores and they told me they do not sell the brand anymore which I was kinda gutted about. They have lovely natural skin friendly products that take care of your skin and stop it from itching or getting eczema. So I was having a look on their website and I came across this new range which I have not tried yet and it looks so good.

Tonic Mountain Tea
For all of you who do not know much about Greece I will explain how vastly important Mountain Tea is. Its a tea that you pick from the mountain as you probably guessed and it is dried and then drank when you are poorly. I would say its kind of like chamomile but its slightly sweeter and when combined with honey it is delicious. I absolutely love the idea of Mountain Tea range of products and this is definitely one I am asking for to be brought back.

Refreshing Fig 
So when I was younger and Korres was around at the time Apivita wasn't I used to buy their Fig shower gel which smelt delicious. It always reminded me of my time going on holiday to Greece having a lovely summer and then coming back to the UK was so depressing (and at the time back to school) that I used to shower with this shower gel , close my eyes and picture I was in Greece again reliving good times. Fig always reminds me of summer as well because that is when fig trees blossom in Greece and my family would pick them and make some dessert with them. Fig really is refreshing and it smells quite sweet what a lovely way to treat your body. 

Caring Lavender
Last but not least a favourite of mine that does not so much remind me of Greece but just relaxing. This range has an extra addition to it being a massage oil that has been created to moisturise and relax your body. Although lavender is mostly associated with the French way of living it does exist in Greece all year around, so this does fit in well with this Greek range. This range has been created for sensitive skin so what a lovely way to have a nice bath and then add some lotion to your skin and top it off with a massage. Great for those stressful days. 

Overall as you can probably tell these scents I would definitely say help you experience or if anything remind you of Greece again. Lets not forget that these products have been made with friendly ingredients and they will help aid your skin against any of its problems. I want every single range!


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