Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Trendy Flip Flops for the Beach

Its the last month of summer and sadly for me I am not going to have a chance this year to enjoy summer but that does not mean next year I will not. Its been a tough year adapting to the UK again and starting from scratch but in all fairness we have achieved so much and I am so happy with the decision we made even if that means we have to sacrifice our summer holidays this year. I am not that ignorant though and I do realise that just because I am not going on holiday does not mean others still aren't. This post was created especially for you last minute darlings who have holidays booked for August or even September in the sun. The essential item of all holidays is the flip flops at spartoo , you need some with you. Now though there is such a variety available that even buying a flip flop has become a nightmare. Thankfully I am here to make your life easier and have come up with some of my favourite picks from Spartoo. Lets take a look at them.


Fit Flop 

Michael Kors 



I have covered pretty much all styles of women from glamorous and sparkly to casual sporty chic. My favourite has to be the Schutz flip flop which would work well from day to night and then my second favourite is of course the Havaiana which I have always worn all these years and know how comfortable it is for everyday all day long wear. 


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