Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Our Favourite Vivienne Westwood Picks

When I worked in a designer clothes store one of the things I noticed was how badly some of the brands send their products for us to unpack and place on the shelves. I am talking a 500.00GBP bag was probably packaged worse than what a 20.00GBP one was. At that point I would think to myself how disappointing that these brands expect us as customers to accept and pay so much money for an item but in return they do not look after their stuff properly so that it arrives in the best condition. The one brand however that I did notice would send their stuff in fiercely protected is Vivienne Westwood and ever since then I have a massive respect for this British designer. Her items would arrive in Vivienne Westwood tissue paper and thick plastic bags with her logo on so nothing gets in and damages them. The new collection is lush and I will be showing you some of my favourite picks.

The classic statement bag from Vivienne Westwood that has had a bit of an upgrade. Anyone notice the Melissa shoes plastic bow?!

I am telling you girls once you go backpack you can't go back. They are so easy to put your stuff in and just carry, I absolutely love mine!

You can actually get these in bright orange as well if you are a bit more daring.

Is it just me or are these very Victorian themed. These would finish or your outfit if you are wearing a leather skirt or even some jeans that are just above your ankle so you can show off the ties. 

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