Saturday, 15 October 2016

Spice Up Your Home for Halloween

If there is one thing I love about Americans, it has to be how they have their houses nailed when it comes to decorating for fancy events. Halloween has to be my favourite - going to pumpkin farms with their children and taking adorable photographs and decorating their houses with Autumn themed wreaths. My inspiration definitely comes through Instagram, were users have luckily allowed us to take a peak inside their homes and share their creative ideas with us also. Here are some of my favourites.

Wreath on the Door

The lucky thing with Americans is that they have these beautiful larger wooden doors that they can just hang wreaths on and give their house an instant upgrade. They have these front door porches as well which are adorable and especially great for decorating outside of their house. In the UK it is harder to do such a move because of the doors we have that are a bit more awkward and most of us do not forget do not have a front door porch with a roof on- meaning anything placed on your door will be soaked.

Pumpkins for Decoration

You know the way we kind of carve the pumpkin and then just stick it on the kitchen bench ; well there is so much more we could do with them that we still have not thought off. If you have a bit off a roof outside your house use them to decorate the front entrance. Place them on your dining table or use them in your garden. The possibilities are endless but that does depend on your available space and probably the weather. 

Props That Can Be Re-Used 

The good thing with this is that you invest your money in something that will not rot away or get damaged by weather conditions but something you buy and place then put away and re-use next year. Its items like these that are definitely worth investing in so they last longer and once you have that small collection you will not even have to buy again. Props can be things such as dolls, metal pumpkins or themed picture frames etc.

DIY it Girl!

Last but not least because not all of us want to spend so much money or can't afford to, there are lots of things on the internet that show us how to make our own which look just as good. 

I hope you all enjoyed this Halloween post and I hope it gave you some inpiration on how to decorate. 

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